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Feminine Hygiene Products Disposal


sanitary hygiene services

started as service Clean Care Services
(in the year 1997) for providing housekeeping services
to corporate, educational and commercial sectors and now we progressed as
one of the reputed concern for Facility Management Services, IT & BPO Services and other
business services. MrsClean.in is India’s necessary initiativeby us to provide world class feminine hygiene
services to corporate world. Being a pioneer with rich exposure in corporate world, we are determined with the
necessities in and around the corporate world.

We also into businesses like RDS Business Services where we do security services, contract staffing and payroll software services.

Building Trust for Better Tomorrow

Our organization’s ultimate aim is to sustain the challenges in maintaining the reputation and satisfaction of the clients.
The full-fledged and flexible range of services never ceases to attract the clients across the cities Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore.

Feminine Hygiene Products Disposal
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  • Sanitary Hygiene Products Disposal
    • Mrs Clean.in feminine hygiene products disposal service where it fully meets the need for something other than simply flushing waste down the toilet or placing it in a waste bin. For you it provides the safeguard of knowing that health, social and environmental concerns have been dealt with satisfactorily - but more importantly for women, we provide a clean and safe hands-free system.

      Sanitary Bag Disposal


      Sanitary Napkin Cover

      Sanitary bags for disposing the used sanitary products are provided to corporate companies by Mrs Clean.in. Bags are made of biodegradable material which is very environment friendly and easy to dispose. The sanitary disposal bag carries biodegradable sign to notify the garbage pickers to separate them from non-biodegradable garbage.

      Sanitary Napkin Disposal Procedures


      Mrs Clean.in feminine hygienic services include sanitary napkin vending and disposal services. Vending machines are used for hygienic supply of sanitary napkins and state of the art disposal machine known as "NAPIBURN" is used to burn the used sanitary napkins without any harm to the ambience. This kind of safety and advanced strategies helps to save the environment effectively. Flushing the used napkins in toilets and causing drainage blockages are avoided. Inconvenience to garbage pickers on collecting the used sanitary napkins is eradicated completely. There are many other social responsibilities followed by Mrs Clean.in in nook and corner of its qualitative services.

      Sanitary Bins


      Protecting the hygiene and comfort of female, we install sanitary bins in ladies room that are thoroughly sanitized and cleaned. Every sanitary bin has enzymes in order to kill the bacterium which proves to create harms to feminine world. They also contain disinfectant and fragrance diffuser to ensure comfort of ladies.

  • Hygiene Sanitary Products
    • Feminine Hygiene Products

      Mrs Clean.in has taken an exceptional step in providing feminine care services at global standards. American Public Health Association and various other leading health groups have expressed their concern on the lack of women hygiene services in the corporate world. Working women in the corporate world are haunted by the fact that they are exposed to higher levels of discomfort and frustration while facing various feminine problems. Most of the women gives up their career dream and quits their job to avoid feminine complications. Thereby many corporate sectors loses its skillful women workforce at large scale. Mrs Clean.in rectifies these issues by supplying world class feminine hygienic products to the corporate world and hospitals.

      Mrs Clean.in ensures that the sanitary napkins, tissue paper and other feminine hygiene products are readily available in every ladies rest room. Latest and advanced technology vending machines are used to ease the availability of products to women. Mrs Clean.in ensures the comfort and satisfaction on the service with periodic inspection on the quality of service. Dedicated team of experts in Mrs Clean.in organization is engaged in maintaining the quality of service.


      Our feminine hygiene service will restore the lost peace of mind and confidence of working women. Thus it will definitely boost the quality and production among women work force in a greater scale. Easy to use vending machines used in supplying feminine hygienic products promises safety, healthy and discreet environment.

      Mrs Clean.in is strongly believes that the environment safety is the utmost responsibility while providing any services. That’s why the disposal of the feminine safety products is carried forward without disturbing the environment. Latest technology is used for dispensing and to get rid of used feminine hygienic products (Like using state of the art sanitary napkin vending machines).

  • Facility Services
    • Feminine Based Facility / Housekeeping Services

      Being a pioneer in providing facility management services, Mrs Clean.in has extensive years of experience and wide knowledge in this field. We follow world class standards in providing facility management services such as managing and operating office premises, hospitals and various other corporate environments. Mrs Clean.in is the one stop solution for all the facility management services. All the staffs employed in the facility management services are trained professionals with neat uniform and proper identification card. All the services offered by Mrs Clean.in are flexible and can be customized in accordance with the requirements and necessity of the clients. Satisfaction of the customers and safety of the environment are the utmost priorities followed in our services.

      Housekeeping Services

      Mrs Clean.in is committed to provide trustworthy housekeeping services with absolute perfection and dedication. We have experienced and qualitatively trained employees to provide a world class housekeeping services. Our wide range of housekeeping services includes thorough cleaning, maintenance cleaning, seasonal cleaning etc. Manpower in our agency is trained to use advanced and latest housekeeping materials and to maintain a disciplined environment. Each and every staff is provided with unique identification card and their background is thoroughly verified before employing. Clean and official uniforms are provided for the housekeeping staffs. Hassle-free State of the art electronic equipment is proposed for the housekeeping responsibilities which were very efficient and optimum. Our flexible services tend to offer tailor made housekeeping services which completely satisfies the client’s satisfaction and budget. We expertise in providing housekeeping and cleaning services to corporate sector and we have extremely satisfied corporate clients in important cites such as Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Cochin and etc.
      Mrs Clean.in is much aware of the social and environmental responsibilities and thus we follow globally approved strategies and measures while providing our services and disposing the waste. Regular inspection about the quality of service provided by housekeeping staffs and ensuring the consistency in the quality of service offered makes us unique among our competitors.

      Other Highlights

      • Implementing latest and technically advanced products while providing our housekeeping services.
      • We make sure the usage of environmental friendly and harmless products throughout the entire cleaning process.
      • Experienced staffs with prior training on discipline and corporate environment.
      • Optimum measures to ensure regular maintenance.
      • State of the art equipment and environment friendly disposable strategies.

      Our Wide Range of Housekeeping Services Includes

      - Floor Cleaning
      - Furniture Cleaning
      - Marble Restoration
      - Carpets Cleaning
      - One-time Deep Cleaning and much more…




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